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Re: “Parse error: syntax error” in the Step 1

thank you Chris for your reply.

Now I have try a fresh, clean install.

Step 1 – Database configuration: I put my data, I don’t edit the advanced settings, I click on “Save configuration database file” and I got this message:

Step 1 – Database configuration


Your settings could not be saved to a configuration file. You will need to save the text shown below into a file named bb-config.php in the root directory of your bbPress installation before you can continue.

So I copy the “Contents for bb-config.php” in a file and i put this one on my site.

After I follow the instruction:

“Once you have created the configuration file, you can check for it below”

I check and i get another time the same error. :(

What do I do, now? I have not idea! can you give me some further help?

thank you so much!

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