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“Parse error: syntax error” in the Step 1

  • hi, i’m trying to install the bbPress 1. alpha version in a subdirectory “forum” of my site.

    But I got an error in the first step of the installation.

    I have created the bb-config.php file and I have uploaded them.

    I check for the file and:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/mysite/public_html/forum/bb-config.php on line 1

    so, I’m in trouble…

    anyone please can help me to solve?

    thank you!

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  • chrishajer


    You have a syntax error in your bb-config.php file. If you have a text editor with syntax highlighting it will be easy to find. Don’t post an edited config here because in the process of editing you might destroy the information we need to figure out where the syntax error is.

    Can you start over WITHOUT creating the bb-config.php? Just let the installer do the work. You need to get rid of the bb-config.php and make sure there is a bb-config-sample.php and then just run the installer.

    thank you Chris for your reply.

    Now I have try a fresh, clean install.

    Step 1 – Database configuration: I put my data, I don’t edit the advanced settings, I click on “Save configuration database file” and I got this message:

    Step 1 – Database configuration


    Your settings could not be saved to a configuration file. You will need to save the text shown below into a file named bb-config.php in the root directory of your bbPress installation before you can continue.

    So I copy the “Contents for bb-config.php” in a file and i put this one on my site.

    After I follow the instruction:

    “Once you have created the configuration file, you can check for it below”

    I check and i get another time the same error. :(

    What do I do, now? I have not idea! can you give me some further help?

    thank you so much!



    One point: if your database is on another machine, you will need to edit the advanced settings to put the host name in there. But that’s aside from this problem.

    If bbPress couldn’t write the file, then it’s probably a permissions thing. So, you created the file yourself. That’s OK. But maybe it’s in the wrong spot or has the wrong information in it?

    chris, you are right! it was a “permissions thing”: the “forum” directory was 755; I changed in 777 and now the installer works fine!

    (and at the end of the installation I change in 755 for security reasons).

    thank you so much!



    Directories are good at 0755; php files should be 0644.

    Glad you got it sorted.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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