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Re: New Theme For BBPress

Very well done, I love people who redesign bbPress from scratch ! :-)

As for paying for the theme, I don’t think it’s a problem . When I think about the hard work you must do to have such results, I think it’s worth the money . And don’t forget that the theme is, as I see in the screenshots and the feature list, customizable via the admin panel, so it’s perfect for newbies !

@chrishajer : I don’t think that the GPL issue matters ( BTW, f**k the GPL ) . Do you know Thesis ? Its PHP code isn’t GPL, but they don’t have any issues . Do you think that the Thesis team will be dumb and will release its PHP code ( which is the core of Thesis ) ?

You should publish in GPL only changes made to bbPress ( or WP ) code, but themes/plugins aren’t changes to bbPress, but rather separate new code which is loaded by bbPress ! In fact, it’s a little bit like the proprietary drivers in Linux . The manufacturer doesn’t make any change to Linux’s kernel, so he doesn’t have to make the drivers also GPL, because drivers aren’t modifications to Linux’s code .

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