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New Theme For BBPress

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  • buddha-trance


    @arpowers – from your site:

    iBlogPro now is one of the only WordPress themes with its very own matching BBPress forum Template.

    This is a wonderful idea that any theme developer should keep in mind! Kudos for that.

    Themes that already come with the matching forum templates for bbPress, will help in keeping the momentum going for this great platform. Such implementation will make bbPress the logical choice, rather than having people looking around for forum platforms, and getting confused.

    As for the looks of the theme, what can I say…. I am a mac addict… Very cool!!! :-)




    Wonderful Simple skin. Very nice.



    And only $50!!!

    How gracious of you.



    I have no problem paying for themes (well, if it’s a GPL theme, you’re not really paying for the “theme” per se), although I don’t think I will for bbPress. @arpowers, what license is the theme offered under?

    Very well done, I love people who redesign bbPress from scratch ! :-)

    As for paying for the theme, I don’t think it’s a problem . When I think about the hard work you must do to have such results, I think it’s worth the money . And don’t forget that the theme is, as I see in the screenshots and the feature list, customizable via the admin panel, so it’s perfect for newbies !

    @chrishajer : I don’t think that the GPL issue matters ( BTW, f**k the GPL ) . Do you know Thesis ? Its PHP code isn’t GPL, but they don’t have any issues . Do you think that the Thesis team will be dumb and will release its PHP code ( which is the core of Thesis ) ?

    You should publish in GPL only changes made to bbPress ( or WP ) code, but themes/plugins aren’t changes to bbPress, but rather separate new code which is loaded by bbPress ! In fact, it’s a little bit like the proprietary drivers in Linux . The manufacturer doesn’t make any change to Linux’s kernel, so he doesn’t have to make the drivers also GPL, because drivers aren’t modifications to Linux’s code .



    I wouldn’t say Thesis Theme and DIY Themes “don’t have any issues”:

    I’m not here to defend or even discuss the GPL or Automattic or Thesis theme. Just asking what license it is. I have no problem paying for someone’s hard work. I’m continually amazed at the amount of work people give away for free with regard to bbPress and WordPress.

    The thing is, even if an official said it, and even if the author of the GNU Project said it ( officials aren’t gods ), I still defend my opinion : themes or plugins aren’t changes to the code itself, and so, they don’t have to be GPL’d . Just take the Linux proprietary drivers example .

    So, in my opinion, arpowers doesn’t need to GPL the theme, because it’s not a change made to bbPress’ code .

    We have to charge to make these types of things possible; we’ll be doing a BBPress addon for each of our current themes plus the new ones coming.

    Currently the forum code is GPL; although we do things to prevent ‘free’ distribution.

    I will say that being on Automattic’s good side is pretty core to our business model and I think Thesis has taken the wrong approach.



    Thanks for your response arpowers.

    The theme looks awesome!

    hey arpowers, i must say, i LOVE your themes, they really look awesome.

    i’d love to use the stationpro for my own site, but first i need to get the whole wp + bb thingy working properly…

    i do have a tip for you. i see many designers choose white (#fff) for the font color on a black background. i must say that that’s not really a wise choice. white font color on black background –> it kills your eyes.

    im also running a site which has the black background, i choose for #bbb which is a bit less sharp and doesn’t hurt the eyes too much.

    I just checked the price, 75 USD? WOW

    waow, looking great!

    The theme is totally bad ass :)



    Dude awesome! Will it work with BuddyPress?

    Not sure about BuddyPress yet, we haven’t tested it.

    Haven’t quite decided if BuddyPress is something we should think about in our devel0pment. (how widely used is it?)



    arpowers: Your theme(s) will get very popular if you make them BuddyPress ready. I, for one, will definitely buy your StationPro theme-set for my community site, Dev:station.

    The whole idea for me is to have a blog, common forums, user forums, and member interaction zones (BuddyPress). I think your theme will bring it through just perfectly.

    One suggestion by the way: I see the line-height for the tag cloud is to small, thus making each line overlap. Personally, I think it degrades the theme. Even if you don’t fix it; I will buy it when the time comes.

    Nice work.


    ok, will look into it.. we have much better development practices now which will allow us to do more with our resources.

    not sure how much work it will be to add BuddyPress support (we get a lot of WordPress Mu requests too)




    Your system requirements state that your bbpress themes can only be used with your corresponding blog themes. Is this true? Or could they work alongside another theme?

    Also, have they been tested with IE5 and IE6 (I know, I know… don’t ask.)


    They’ve been tested in IE6 but not IE5.. (I don’t even know how we would test in IE5)

    Yes, they can only be used with our WP themes.. we’ve had to hack the WP header.php to include bbPress specific stuff, there are also some bbPress options included in the WordPress themes.. (meaning we had to alter the WP themes)

    I would like to give away a bbPress theme for free, but didn’t get any feedback on the thread we started about it.

    It also seems like bbPress works best when with a WP theme.

    Also we added the bbPress addons to our ‘themes’ page:



    Thanks for your response. It looks like a great theme!

    I cannot switch my WP theme at this time and am looking for a new bbpress theme that works well independently of the WP install.



    I’m a big fan of fluid theme designs. People used to care about screens with different resolutions, but it seems like everyone has forgotten about their HTML design now. I guess the defaults with bbPress and WordPress don’t help the concept much.

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