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Re: New installation – cannot login



Oh, that’s weird, time for a deeper examination…

I get the output from bb-config.php as a local file with wget and cat it to my console on my UTF-8 linux system. It looks like an empty file, but it has a size of three bytes. And than I remembered about Unicode and typed od -x bb-config.php, which results in

bbef 00bf

And then I began to understand.

The first three bytes ef bb bf (for normal reasons least byte first on intel platforms in inverse order to make it not too easy to understand) are the byte order mark for a UTF-8 encoded textfile. But for PHP, they are simply characters.

Some informations about the BOM in german language

Your text editor saves the file as UTF-8 and writes a byte order mark at the beginning of the file, and these three bytes do cause the strange error. Look in the documentation of your editor to find the setting for the file storage format, and if in doubt, simply save the bb-config.php as a plain ASCII file instead of Unicode or UTF-8.

Ich hoffe, jetzt hilft es wirklich ein bisschen weiter. So ein Problem ist richtig arg, da kommt man nie drauf, wenn man kein Gl├╝ck hat…

(Okay, it is an english forum here: I hope this times it helps a little more. This type of problem is a hard one, something you never think about and find it only by chance…)

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