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Re: Menu Links

@mikemcd22 – You crossed two of my posts, which were about different things.

You could just edit your theme. Change the header file to have whatever menu links you want.

This was in reference ONLY to the question of how to make your menu links the sme on BB and WP.

A lot of bbPress’s functions come in the form of Plugins, so it’s easier for people to pick and chose what they want in their forum.

This was as reply to his second concern of:

… I can’t really delete posts or move to the appropriate area. This scares as me as I am sure there are a ton of other basic functions you should be able to do but can’t.

So … both answers are right, but they’re neither the answer to what I think you’re asking which is: “Is there a plugin to make my header look the same between WP and BB?”

Answer: No.

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