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Re: lost password

If you’re using 1.0.2, here is a password to log in with, and the hash you should insert into the bb_user.user_pass field (bb_user table, user_pass field) for your user:

insert this hash: $P$BlNSCHus7UmWzMPMh1c/MH71Mjj7kj/

log in with this password: n4gN#cO39wpL

Now change your password after you’re logged in.

You are so far over my head it’s terrible…Where do I find the line “bb_user.user_pass field (bb_user table, user_pass field)” & what and where in that line do I insert… do I login with this password “n4gN#cO39wpL” on the main login or Admin login or both…& what is the user name…I really appreciate your help but I am very illiterate with code of any sort…The version is not visable at the top or anywhere for that matter that I can see…I just started this forum about 3 weeks ago so it should be the new one…the URL is maybe you can tell what version it is…thank you Chris

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