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Re: Looking for alternatives

I guess it depends on what you want a forum to do.

Make a list of what you need, being firm with yourself to separate your WANTS from your NEEDS. For example, for me a PM system is nice, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Whereas sharing IDs and Passwords (and cookies) with WP is a must have. Include things like ‘cost’ and support. Do you want to be able to call up the company, or is a support forum okay.

Then check out a place like to compare some of them. Like a quick check comparing SMF, bbPress and Vanilla may help you out (see my results).

bbPress is a young product, it’s not even ‘live’ yet, and having been there as a user for SMF back when it was YABB and then YABBSE and THEN when it moved on to SMF (not to mention IPB, the big bad daddy of fat forum software) … well, I’ve tried a lot of forums. They all start out about this level and some improve and some don’t. It’s hard to tell at this stage, but bbPress feels like it’s headed the right way to me :) I do understand why it’s not right for everyone, though!

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