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Re: Link to Latest UNREAD post

In order of importance (1 being the most critical):

1. When I see a highlighted topic with new posts, it redirects me to the First page when I click the link.

2. To update the “All Topics Read” I have to push this button Twice. I dunno why.

edit: Is there like this only when I have both last read and New topics function on?

3. [RESOLVED] I would like the topic to be automatically read after looking at it. How to achieve this?

For now they keep higlighted until i clear all posts read. I, as a forum user, would only like to be notified if there is a topic with new posts. I dont want it to be flagged red again until it got new unread posts.

edit: Sorry I just had to disable the


4. It would be nice with a function to mark specific threads as read. Like If i dont want to be notified anymore of new posts in a specific thread.

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