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Link to Latest UNREAD post

  • Ive seen some forums have special links coming up on a topic when there is some new post that a member didnt read, and the link will take you to the last unread post instead of the last post.

    Is this something that can be done in BBpress?

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  • _ck_


    I see, I am using it now, but it doesn’t work fully on 1.01 at least.

    What part isn’t working? the click to last read works for me on 1.0.2

    In order of importance (1 being the most critical):

    1. When I see a highlighted topic with new posts, it redirects me to the First page when I click the link.

    2. To update the “All Topics Read” I have to push this button Twice. I dunno why.

    edit: Is there like this only when I have both last read and New topics function on?

    3. [RESOLVED] I would like the topic to be automatically read after looking at it. How to achieve this?

    For now they keep higlighted until i clear all posts read. I, as a forum user, would only like to be notified if there is a topic with new posts. I dont want it to be flagged red again until it got new unread posts.

    edit: Sorry I just had to disable the


    4. It would be nice with a function to mark specific threads as read. Like If i dont want to be notified anymore of new posts in a specific thread.

    _ck_, how about linking directly to first unread post like there is with Subscribe to topic? There could be button “New” before or after title of topic that would link to it while title itself would still link as it is now.

    *head scratch*

    On my site, if there’s an unread post in a topic and you click on the bolded topic title, it takes you to the first unread post so … I’m not entirely sure what’s up with that.

    As for the new button, you could probably tweak the CSS to prepend a button.

    Yeah I have the same problem. Though everything else work smooth!



    This is realy good plugin but Its not working properly with new versions bbpress. _ck_ doesnt support it anymore because his own branch for 0.9.

    Its fantastic oportunity for someone skilled to take this for keeping update with offical bbpress fork.

    Perhaps… it should be implement in bbpress core or bb-plugin.



    offical bbpress fork

    There’s an official bbPress fork?

    Milan Dinić


    There’s an official bbPress fork?

    Well, bbPress as a plugin is official bbPress fork. ;)



    Well, bbPress as a plugin is official bbPress fork. ;)

    Ha :)

    It’s really not.

    It’s a totally new progam with the same name.



    Of course. I was ironic.

    Matthew Rowland


    Hey guys, I’ve just submitted a plugin to the WordPress repository that should cover the basic functionality you’re after. Here’s the description:

    == Description ==

    bbPress Go To First Unread Post is a literally named plugin that allows registered users to jump to the first Reply in a Topic that they haven’t viewed yet. This gives your bbPress forum the simple and expected functionality of non-WordPress counterparts like phpBB, without a lot of coding.

    First, you activate the plugin on a blog that already has the bbPress plugin enabled. This is all you need to do to activate the basic functionality of the plugin, which includes:

    * Automatic tracking of last reply viewed, per topic per user.
    * Link next to the title of a topic if the user has unread posts (between the title and pagination)

    The plugin also includes two template tags for extra functionality:

    * Mark Topics as Read link
    * Mark Forum as Read link

    I’ll post again here with a link when it’s been approved!

    Matthew Rowland


    Here it is!

    bbPress Go To First Unread Post

    I hope this suits your needs, guys. If there’s something that doesn’t work or you’d like added, you can let me know here or send me an email through the Plugin page.

    Please consider donating if you enjoy it! 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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