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Re: let’s build a poll plugin!



The rush is that the project is “out there” and people are looking at it and coming to conclusions. Bad conclusions.

I’ve tried to attract/recruit some of the major wordpress plugin writers to bbpress and the response has not been good unfortunately.

What I find interesting is the belief around here that wordpress integration is not a major desire by most people evaluating it. How would we ever know the sheer number of people that have looked and been turned off? At least one person on wikipedia sees it this way:

The project was created by Matt Mullenweg to support users of WordPress. Existing bulletin-board software was overly sophisticated for those requirements, so bbPress was created with the same focus as WordPress: a functional and extensible core, with all other capabilities delivered through plugins.

The “overly sophisticated” really bothers me.

Because that would mean bbpress’s goal is to be under sophisticated. Obviously that’s not the official statement but my point is that’s how it’s being perceived.

Keeping advanced features out of the core is fine. I get that. But some of those features should somehow exist in plugin form by now – at least that’s what I was hoping for. So now I am trying to make that happen, which I can barely do on my own as I am not a professional programmer by any means.

In some good news, GamerZ is happy to have me try porting his WP Polls. The bad news is he is unlikely to stop using his SMF forum software anytime soon and try bbpress. Not that I blame him right now.

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