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Re: let’s build a poll plugin!



People that are attracted to bbPress will be attracted because of its out-of-the-box simplicity and its extensibility.

It’s great… if you want a plugin and you’ve messed around with WordPress for any length of time, you’ll feel right at home. I personally dislike polls… _ck_ obviously doesn’t, and he’s not alone. That’s the beauty of bbPress. These features aren’t crammed down your throat; rather they are completely optional.

Also, I don’t think that bbPress was built to win a popularity contest. It was built with certain things in mind and is continuing in that trend. I think that’s great.

One more thing… those people who were attracted to other forum software solutions (ie, SMF, IPB, vB), wanted something feature-bloated. All kinds of things pouring out of every corner. They wouldn’t be attracted to bbPress unless it became a miniature of what they were already using. And what’s the point in that, eh?

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