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Re: let’s build a poll plugin!



I’ve never heard anyone on the various bbPress related channels talk about a need for poll features

Do you realise the irony in that if this thread had a poll, we could more easily evaluate how many people are interested in a poll feature. LOL. Also evaluate in other threads how much interest there is in wp+bb integration.

I simply want more people and therefore more talent in the fray that is bbpress. I’ve tried various clever google search patterns to try to determine the unique number of bbpress installs (that are publicly indexed) and I come up with around 200 installs. How many of these are active and have more than a few members is unknown of course. I’d like to see that number be 2000 by January and the only way for that to happen is to have certain common forum perks available. “Competitive frenzy” is one way to see it but inaccurate to my thoughts. I’d just call it feature motivation ;-)

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