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Re: let’s build a poll plugin!



Well there’s isn’t any forum development issue that is urgent in a firetruck sort of way (but that’s a cute expression).

Maybe I’m just being impatient, maybe it’s far too soon for bbpress to attract a decent base of plugin developers/users. I’d just like to see it sooner than later. added some critical features, with just a few more it’s almost ready to hatch.

Let’s look at the finish line, one possible goal for bbpress. Take a look at a typical Simple Machines forum aka SMF (PHP+mysql, open source) (that’s GamerZ)

look at the useful features on the page.

Now look at the lovely low query counts down below.

I’m a big vbulletin fan but that works better than vbulletin IMHO.

I wouldn’t call that forum “heavyweight” and I wouldn’t call SMF “bloated”. So what’s going to be bbpress’s niche then if it’s not going to do what SMF does?

(ps. poke through the menus on SMF 2.0 too oh and then look at the insanely low query count at the bottom of a full page of posts)

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