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Re: let’s build a poll plugin!

The rush is that the project is “out there” and people are looking at it and coming to conclusions. Bad conclusions.

One of these days you’re going to have to show us the crystal ball that tells you everything about the users and potential users of bb.

What I find interesting is the belief around here that wordpress integration is not a major desire by most people evaluating it. How would we ever know the sheer number of people that have looked and been turned off?

I think that tidbit (or at least, in my case) is based on a hand-me-down from Trent who’s pretty close to the folk at automattic and they’d be the ones to know.

How would we ever know the sheer number of people that spontaneously combust when they use bb?! You make it sound like the entire internet trooped over and looked at bbPress yesterday, saw that there was no plugin for this or for that and decided that they would stick to phpBB.

I think that the implied opposite of ‘overly sophisticated’ (is that a polite ‘bloated’?) can equally be ‘lean and mean’ rather than ‘underly sophisticated’.

I think that bb just isn’t ready in a lot of ways for what you’re trying here. At it doesn’t _need_ to have a full gallery of plugins yet just like it doesn’t yet have a full feature set. Sure more plugins are a good thing but it’s not urgent in the sort of firetruck way.

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