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Re: Let ask again …

johnjamesjacoby, you see what you want to see, and you hear what you want to hear. I predict no less than 10 people will read this post and think I’m being bitchy. I’m not, but I can’t help what you want to see and hear.

Close your eyes and pretend _ck_ said all that with a bright smile and a sympathetic attitude, if it helps. But those are the facts.

Example: Calling sam ‘your majesty’ and other similar titles sounded smarmy to me, and really insulting to a developer giving his time to a free product. But. I decided that I was wrong with that assumption and chose to ignore any feeling of ‘attitude’ I caught from wiseacre, or you, because you were probably frustrated with the lack of development of a product you dig. And you’re venting. Which is perfectly fine.

Beta products, baby products, aren’t for sissies (note: NOT calling you a sissy!). They break, they’re poorly supported because more time is spent developing than helping. Have patience. Have faith. Offer help. Go through the trac tickets and suggest solutions if you know of them, or offer more information (i.e. I could reproduce this by doing the hokey pokey on v 1.0-a6). _ck_ has certainly done that, which is why, for her dedication and perseverance, she’s a forum mod.

Banging away and complaining it’s not done yet isn’t endearing and it’s not really polite either. It causes dev burn out, because who wants to write product for people who don’t appreciate the work?

So yes, Matt! “Developers, Developers, Developers!”

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