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Re: Let ask again …

> An employee only has to report his results to his employer

Yes, and so what? I’m asking is he employee or not

That information is confidential in many states. No one is required to tell someone who they work for, even for insurance (your insurance has the right to turn you down due to lack of trust in that case, but still). As such, that question can be dismissed as ‘not your business’, pardon me for the crudity :)

So here’s my question for you. Towards what end will you go with the information of Sam’s employment? If you find out that yes, he is an Automattic employee and assigned to bbPress, will that make you react differently than if you found out, say, he was assigned to bbPress, WordPress and was asked to fill in at Akismet?

Basically this: Why does it matter who he works for?

If you’re asking ‘Why is bbPress development so slow?’ you could just ask that and anyone would tell you: There are few developers working on it at the moment. Cause the only other question I can find is like when you watch Survivor, and the Jury person says ‘My question for the finalists is that you suck.’ While entertaining to watch, it’s not a question. ;)

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