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Re: Latest WordPress & bbPress in another language!

“hi, I have the same problem. Has anyone found a way to integrate and change the language without errors?”

I managed to translate a wp-bb integration but I don’t know if you are going to like my workaround;

1. edit bbpress config.php and in define language section point to your wp language file with this code; ‘ define(‘BBLANGDIR’, ‘wp-includes/languages/’); ‘ (change for the name of your language .mo file)

2. edit wp language .po file and insert there your bbpress .po file. In other words, copy/paste all bbpress entries at the end of wp .mo file

3. Open with poedit and try to save this modifed file. You’re going to have +-100 duplicated entries in an error log. Delete all duplicated entries, one by one, so you can save.

4. When you save with poedit you produce 2 files; .po file and a .mo file. This .mo file is the one you want. Now you have translated both; wp and bbpress with just one .mo file.

I do know that this workaround implies a lot of future problems and I don’t like it at all but I didn’t find any other way.

I hope someday bbpress will appear as a plugin for wordpress.

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