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Re: Key Master Doesn’t Have Permission to Add Forum



If creating a new user and assigning them as a Keymaster works, then it’s obviously a problem where the user in the existing WP/WPMU table doesn’t have the correct role set by bbpress when it installs/configures itself.

For those that know what they are doing, you can examine the new, working admin user under phpmyadmin and compare them to the old non-working admin and see what’s different. I think roles are stored in the usermeta?

Unfortunately I personally don’t have the time/setup to try to hunt down the exact bug with this right now, but I bet there are plenty of people on those similar threads with experience who can tell you what’s wrong.

(also unfortunately this is yet another demonstration of bbpress integration weaknesses that must be fixed before it will be widely accepted by existing WP users. WP has a role editing table in the admin options, or might be a plugin, maybe that can be ported?)

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