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Re: Keep losing “Admin” access for all users

Figured out what was going on! I had a hardcoded navigation link in my wordpress header to direct users to the forum (I know, bad habit). It had “www.” when the rest of the side is www-free. Deleting the www. seems to have fixed the issue.

So, if you’re integrating and are having trouble, hopefully this post will be helpful to you. Below, I’ll list what I’m running and what plugins I have in case that helps.

WordPress 2.8.3 installed at webroot, linux server with php5. Shared database between BBPress and WordPress. BBpress 1.0.2 installed in forums subdir.

WP Plugins related to BBpress

– bbPress Integration Version 1.0 | By Michael Adams and Sam Bauers (plus manual cookie info from this plugin put into WP config file)

– WordPress-bbPress syncronization Version 0.7.7 | By Ivan Babrou

BBpress plugins (all, because I enabled some others and then things started not working again)

– Akismet

– bbPress-WordPress syncronization Version 0.7.7 | By Ivan Babrou

– Hot Tags Plus Version 0.0.2 | By _ck_

Right now I don’t have _ck_’s Fix Admin Access plugin on the server, but I’ve used it a few times.

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