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Re: Just one more… release candidate 1.0-RC-3


There has been caching via the WP_Object_Cache methods for a while in 1.0 – what I did was a review of bbPress’ most commonly used areas to optimise its usage.

There were a few places where perfectly good cached objects were being ignored and the required data was being retrieved from the database instead.

There were also a couple of places where multiple MySQL queries were being used when one query was possible. For example when fetching multiple user objects via BP_Users->get_user() we were looping through an array of requested user_ids and doing a query on the database for each user. Now this is all bundled into one query (with the meta for these users still all fetched in a single separate query).

I knew this was a problem before, but I hadn’t realised quite how deep the rabbit hole was until I started crawling into it.

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