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Just one more… release candidate 1.0-RC-3

  • See the blog post…

    bbPress 1.0 Release Candidate 3

    I hope everyone is able to give this a test run. There are some tricky caching changes which should radically improve performance for any site with more than a dozen users or topics.

    Please report issues to Trac as a matter of urgency, as soon as the admin area is skinned, this will be 1.0 final.

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  • great



    trying it in the next minutes!



    the automatic timezone is a fantastic feature!

    the backend is very fast to load…


    cookie integration with wp 2.8 (not mu) doesn’t work, when i try to login bb i’m logged out from wp and vice versa (my old problem)

    i’m in wp-config.php

    define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ‘’); (without dot in front)

    define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);

    in bb-config.php

    $bb->cookiedomain = ‘’;

    with or without www nothing change.

    ah, i’ve your plugin activate…

    this is my only problem with this (the best) bbpress release until now :)



    Sam, just added a ticket. Maybe its just me, but while we can now ADD tags to topics, I’m having trouble removing tags.

    For an Open Topic I get this when trying to remove (X) a tag:

    “The tag was not removed. You cannot remove a tag from a closed topic.”

    Try adding a tag and then removing it to see what I mean…

    @grassrootspa – I have no issues removing or adding tags. I added one, removed it, re-added it, no problems.

    No login-logout issues or integration with WP issues.

    (Where’s the ‘Buy Sam a beer’ button on this thing?)



    @Ipstenu What have you done for the cookie integration? you use wp 2.8 (not mu)?

    WP 2.8 (not MU), been integrated since 2.7 without issue once I re-set my secret keys. The only hard time I had was sorting out my cookie paths, since I have my blog at, but it’s ACCESSED at, and the forums are

    This has been working like a champ:

    // WordPress cookie integration speedup
    $bb->wp_siteurl = '';
    $bb->wp_home = '';
    $bb->cookiedomain = '';
    $bb->cookiepath = '/';
    $bb->authcookie = 'wordpress_COOKIE';
    $bb->secure_auth_cookie = 'wordpress_sec_COOKIE';
    $bb->logged_in_cookie = 'wordpress_logged_in_COOKIE';
    $bb->admin_cookie_path = '/forums/bb-admin';
    $bb->core_plugins_cookie_path = '/forums/bb-plugins';
    $bb->user_plugins_cookie_path = '/forums/my-plugins';
    $bb->sitecookiepath = '/blog/';
    $bb->wp_admin_cookie_path = '/blog/wp-admin';
    $bb->wp_plugins_cookie_path = '/blog/wp-content/plugins';

    Also I kick all traffic back to straight to force things to be in order, which may be useful to someone.




    now works! finally!

    and without forcing the integration in bb-config.php

    thanks for your help Ipstenu.

    Really good work Sam!!!

    oh Sam i’ve a question… the problem with the localization and deep integration is resolved with rc-3 and with the coming 1.0? thanks



    Doesn’t the timezone support require php 5?

    If so, probably should be mentioned since half of bbPress sites are still on php 4.



    Great work Sam,

    I was having trouble with WP integeration in RC2, having had it work with RC1, so I will give this version a go.

    Do the instructions in your wonderful integration video still apply?

    Does anyone have more details on what type of caching mechanism was added to the recent RC?

    Per Sam blog post:

    >>”Some new issues came up around WordPress integration, caching and SQL query performance which were simply too important to leave out of the final 1.0 release.”

    It seems like he is inferring that some type of caching mechanism has been added.

    Is it just me? No easy way to mark a false spam in Askimet to put it through. You have to click a link called “view”, which gives brings you to the topic, shows you everything that has been deleted in red, and only then gives you the spam comment which you can approve. Seems a bit obtuse.

    @ _ck_

    You are right, additionally the timezone stuff degrades gracefully for PHP4 users.


    I think the localisation problem is fixed, I’d appreciate if you could test it out.


    Although things look a little different now. The premise of integration and the instructions remain the same with one small variation. If you are integrating with WordPress < 2.8 then you need to make an additional setting in bbPress to get cookies to be compatible.


    There has been caching via the WP_Object_Cache methods for a while in 1.0 – what I did was a review of bbPress’ most commonly used areas to optimise its usage.

    There were a few places where perfectly good cached objects were being ignored and the required data was being retrieved from the database instead.

    There were also a couple of places where multiple MySQL queries were being used when one query was possible. For example when fetching multiple user objects via BP_Users->get_user() we were looping through an array of requested user_ids and doing a query on the database for each user. Now this is all bundled into one query (with the meta for these users still all fetched in a single separate query).

    I knew this was a problem before, but I hadn’t realised quite how deep the rabbit hole was until I started crawling into it.


    I agree that is not optimal at all. Akismet needs a serious looking at, but that might be delayed until a later minor version release now.

    @sambauers: Can list the plugins compatible with new version

    I would like to have:

    1)resolved or not plugin

    2)bb attachements plugins





    @ Ipstenu,

    Have 2 different sites running BBPress and cannot delete tags under either.

    Both tell me “The tag was not removed. You cannot remove a tag from a closed topic.”

    Something is not right.


    Go check the ticket, you are right that there is a problem, but I think it is limited in scope.



    @Sam by rc-2, there are many changes in the pot? if yes, you can generate the pot for the rc-3? I just translate the pot and do the tests. thanks



    @Sam I did the test on the language and everything seems to work with deep integration. i’ve tested it translating the bbpress pot for rc-3 in italian.

    Query times are indeed much improved – similar to 0.9 again. Thanks for your work on that.

    “If you are integrating with WordPress < 2.8 then you ned to make an additional setting in bbPress to get cookies to be compatible. “

    Can anyone share what this mystery ‘additional setting’ is?



    @burtadsit, I think this is what you need for compatibility with WordPress < 2.8:

    define('WP_AUTH_COOKIE_VERSION', 1);

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 55 total)
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