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Re: Intergration problem, when upgrading wordpress 2.8

Ok, I fixed it.. Kinda.. It’s a nasty fix, but it _does_ work (I’m using it on now).

A quick cliffnotes version:

Took 2 main changes.. a) I had to update the validate_auth function in the _freshly_Baked_cookies plugin to make it work with the new password-including authentication. b) I had to modify the bb-include/pluggable.php to use the new algorithms for salting & auth (wp_salt and wp_auth). The ones that ship with bbpress don’t pass a Schema around, and apparently it’s important now.

If you want the two files, you can download them from . i really hope _ck_ can take a look at this and see if it can all be encapsulated within the fbc plugin.. As it is now, soon as I upgrade bbpress I’ll lose it again.

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