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Re: Integration questions

Hi guys,

I am currently looking into deploying a site powered by WordPress. I have a phpBB3 forum (with no users) which I would like to keep. I have seen the wp-united plugin for phpBB3, but it isn’t currently being supported. The option of using bbPress seems good to me, but I would like a seamless and fully functional integration with both WordPress and WordPress MU.

If I have to ditch the phpBB3 for the functionality I desire I will do it. I know what my potential userbase will want (post count, ranks, avatars, signatures, embed pics/vids in post, search, PM, etc). For the view, I would like a topic and post count, last post, and a description of each forum. Also subforums would be nice too.

Right now I only have a rudimentary understanding of PHP, but I know HTML and CSS, so I could style the forum myself.

I am a big fan of open source software. I only feel that there isn’t enough cooperation in the open source world. It would be awesome to see some of the best open source projects come together to create a mega kickass platform. My ideal would be (Drupal – please don’t flame me for this one -,Wordpress, and phpBB3). Drupal for the management of pages and function, WordPress for the content publishing, and phpBB3 for the forum.

When I achieve proficiency with PHP I will try to develop a universal user/session platform where the login and session is unified with whatever software you decide to install on top of it. This would be an internal database, not an openly accessible one. I have heard of OpenID, but don’t know anything about it.

WordPress appears to be the best content publishing engine out there, hopefully they become the best forum out there too.

I too am jazzed about the prospects of a WordPress powered forum.

Any opinions, best way to learn PHP, etc?

BTW, this thread is starting to sound like the beginnings of a development group. Mods, plugins, and software to follow soon.

I have found this discussion very stimulating, and would like to participate in future developments. I could deploy a site to use as a testbed.

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