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Re: Integration Multiple BBpress With One WordPress

Ah ok.

1) Your first step is going to be to get all of the installs to use the same users table. Technically, you’ll want to follow steps similar to the ones described here:

However, your job will be greatly complicated by the fact that each install will have overlaps in terms of userid and usernames. For example, userid #5 on bbPress install #1 is going to refer to a different user than userid#5 on bbPress install#2. You’re going to have to address that – this link will help greatly:

2) Phew, it’s good that they’re all in the same database… hopefully your WordPress install is also in the same database. This will simplify things a bit.

3) Ok, good to know.

I can’t offer custom help – I’m just a volunteer! But I’m glad to try and help you here, so others can learn from the discussion…

Here’s what I would recommend:

1) Your first step would be to backup all of your data.

2) Then, I’d setup a test environment exactly like your current environment and put your data there. That way, you can work on the integration with much less stress. :-)

3) Then I would figure out how to deal with the userid and username overlap described above. This will probably be the hardest part!

4 ) Once you’ve figured that out, you’re all set to integrate all the installs to use the same usertable.

5) Finally once that’s done, you can also integrate the cookies so users only have to signin once!

If this sounds waaay too hard, you may want to hire a consultant or expert to help ya out! Here’s a list of people who are available:

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