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Integration Multiple BBpress With One WordPress

  • dear all coders,

    I’m lover of bbpress so I was working on 25 different bbpress forums and one wordpress. Now i want to integrate theses stuff to each other. but i think one wordpress only can integrate with one bbpress forum. but i can’t face this situation because i’m working on my forums preceding 4 months. if i fail to integration these 25 forum with one wordpress then all my effort will go to the hell. it’s humble request to all developers to solve this situation and save my work and give me the smart solution.

    Note: I don’t want to install 25 wordpress to integrate 25 forums.

    Remember: 25 forums integration with one wordpress

    Please Please Help me :(

    It is very crucial situation for me … tell me how to handle it. :(

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  • This is absolutely possible. I wrote a bit about it here:

    I now have about 10 bbPress installs all working, and they’re both integrated with two separate WordPress installs. So this is definitely possible. :-) You just need to make sure that all the installs are using the same users table.

    The bigger issue is: do any of your installs share usernames? For example, a “John” registered on one site and on another one? That will be tricky to manage – a path is described nicely here… look for the section on “user_id” conflicts:

    Good luck!

    Dear sir….

    I think you are not complete understand my question….. rethink about it…. when i complete successful integration of wp-bb and finally go to the admin panel of wp after activation of bbpress integration plugin then it is asking me to give bbpress url of one of my forums like bbpress01-of-25…

    click following linkh to see screenshot:

    so, where i put my other 24 bbpress forums url in this field? I’ve bit knowledge of coding .. so tell me how can i integrate these 25 forums with one wordpress.. provide me simple and clear solution.

    another question……

    tell me clearly about user shared login…… i want to share user logins between my 25 forums…… when one user register to my first forum i.e. bbpress01 then he can also use this id on my other 25 forums where he no need more registration for other 24 forums.

    I’ll very thankful to you if you solve this problem… i really love you 😡

    I’m sorry to say this, but integrating your 25 installs is probably going to require more work than filling in a setting page. :-(

    A few questions for you:

    1) You have 25 bbPress installs, and they are currently not sharing a user table… is that right? As in, if I sign up as “john” on one install… can I sign in with that username and password on another one of your bbPress installs?

    2) If your bbPress installs are not sharing a user table… do you know if all of the user tables are in the same database?

    3) Finally, what versions of WordPress and bbPress are you using?

    here we go…

    yes sir,

    1. my database of 25 forums and 01 wordpress is same name. but different table prefix. but not sharing user table: No it’s not true; if you sign up from one bbpress install with the name of “John” then you can’t login other 24 bbpress installs. we really need it.

    2. my bbPress installs is not sharing a user table. also tell me how it’s possible. yes they are in same database.

    3. I’m using bbpress Version 1.0.2 and wordpress Version 2.8.5

    Another request: is it possible to contact with you with IM?

    Ah ok.

    1) Your first step is going to be to get all of the installs to use the same users table. Technically, you’ll want to follow steps similar to the ones described here:

    However, your job will be greatly complicated by the fact that each install will have overlaps in terms of userid and usernames. For example, userid #5 on bbPress install #1 is going to refer to a different user than userid#5 on bbPress install#2. You’re going to have to address that – this link will help greatly:

    2) Phew, it’s good that they’re all in the same database… hopefully your WordPress install is also in the same database. This will simplify things a bit.

    3) Ok, good to know.

    I can’t offer custom help – I’m just a volunteer! But I’m glad to try and help you here, so others can learn from the discussion…

    Here’s what I would recommend:

    1) Your first step would be to backup all of your data.

    2) Then, I’d setup a test environment exactly like your current environment and put your data there. That way, you can work on the integration with much less stress. :-)

    3) Then I would figure out how to deal with the userid and username overlap described above. This will probably be the hardest part!

    4 ) Once you’ve figured that out, you’re all set to integrate all the installs to use the same usertable.

    5) Finally once that’s done, you can also integrate the cookies so users only have to signin once!

    If this sounds waaay too hard, you may want to hire a consultant or expert to help ya out! Here’s a list of people who are available:

    One more question for you actually: how many users are there in each of your bbPress installs?

    Hurrah……. I got it :-)

    Dear Sir johnhiler….. After conversation with you i was damn researching on this issue to solve this problem over the internet with your telling points. So after watching the video”” I integrated my one bbpress ( Suppose bbpress01 ) to lonely wordpress. so my first “bbpress01” had been successful integrate with one wordpress and all cookies and users was set. so next i want to merge my other 24 bbpress install into this successful integration.

    so my next working was;

    i copy paste my bbpress01 rename it to bbpress02. then i went to the bb-config.php of bbpress02 and add these stuff in it:

    $bb_table_prefix = ‘bb2_’;

    define(‘CUSTOM_USER_TABLE’, ‘wp_users’);

    define(‘CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE’, ‘wp_usermeta’);

    define( ‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’ );

    Note: database of all 25 bbpress and 1 wordpress was same just changing in tables prefix like bb1_, bb2_ bb3_ to bb25 and add just custom user table code.

    you can i also view the screenshot of work here is it.

    for wp-config.php:

    for bbpress01 bb-config.php:

    for bbpress 02 bb-config.php:

    so here i was successful which i want.

    1. share users

    2. shared database

    3. cookies integration

    but “One” thing is still remain :-(

    if a user “john” login to my bbpress01. he should also show login status on my other 24 forums.

    I think you can understand it. now i need cookies integration for other 24 bbpress.

    cookies integration just was set b/w bbpress01 and wordpress. how can we set cookies for all my other remaining 24 forums.

    I’ll be great thankful to you if you try to solve my final step and give me the smart solution.

    waiting for your reply with great curiosity :-)

    I can’t think of any reason not to just repeat the same process for all 24.

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