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Re: Integration Multiple BBpress With One WordPress

Dear sir….

I think you are not complete understand my question….. rethink about it…. when i complete successful integration of wp-bb and finally go to the admin panel of wp after activation of bbpress integration plugin then it is asking me to give bbpress url of one of my forums like bbpress01-of-25…

click following linkh to see screenshot:

so, where i put my other 24 bbpress forums url in this field? I’ve bit knowledge of coding .. so tell me how can i integrate these 25 forums with one wordpress.. provide me simple and clear solution.

another question……

tell me clearly about user shared login…… i want to share user logins between my 25 forums…… when one user register to my first forum i.e. bbpress01 then he can also use this id on my other 25 forums where he no need more registration for other 24 forums.

I’ll very thankful to you if you solve this problem… i really love you 😡

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