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Re: Integration = ? How to do it?

I have spent the last couple of hours on the forums trying to figure out how to actually do this when the existing blog and forum are currently seperate databases.

My situation is as follows:

– wordpress 2.3 blog with no users (except admin)

– bbpress 0.8 forum with many users

I want to get to a wordpress 2.5 blog and a bbpress 0.9 forum with an integrated database.

I think the steps are:

1. upgrade wordpress to 2.5

2. upgrade bbpress to 0.9

3. then?…. how do I combine the database?

Or can I keep the seperate databases and still get the benefits of combined cookies and users carried from wp to bb and vice versa? If so, how do I bootstrap the wp database with the existing bb users?

Any help out there?

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