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Re: Integrating bbPress with a custom coded site

chrishajer, are you aware of the code in bbPress which takes the _wp table(required upon WordPress and bbPress integration) and somehow uses it in integration? If so, that might be a solution.

I found a a program which takes two MySql tables and makes a table consisting of those two tables contents. Here it’s description:

MySQL Join Two Tables Software 7.0 – Download

Combine (horizontally) two MySQL tables into one based on a common column of data from each table. The original two tables are not altered but a new table is created with the results.

Download here. Secure-order personal license for product here.

Check out other software at


I don’t think this will work however because of the multiple references to wp_users, and bb_users.

I just thought of something, would it work if I changed apltest’s users table to be called wp_users(or bb_users)(along with changes all references to the users table in the APL code to wp_users)?

Thanks for your input.


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