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Integrating bbPress with a custom coded site

  • Hopefully you folks can help me. I have a few questions about integration and bbPress. What I have right now is a custom built populated member database with passwords, usernames, emails, etc.

    What I would like to do is get bbPress to “hook” into this database instead of having to have two member/user tables to keep synchronized. Is there a certain way you’d go about doing this, that perhaps isn’t too messy? Or will it require rewriting a lot of code?

    I’ve found a lot of WordPress integration help here, but really not much on integrating with other types of websites (aside from template editing). So any help would be great, even if you just give me a little push in the right direction. Thanks. :)

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  • So is this not possible? Or has just no one tried to do it before?



    Everything is possible. I suspect no one here has tried to do it, or at least not mentioned that they had done it.



    I’ve done this but I use the bbpress database. If you can make a relationship between the bbpress database and your user database I’m sure you can work something.

    And how would you get that relationship?

    More direction please. 8)

    I’m trying to link my wonderful WordPress blog and bbPress Forum(live @ with some wonderful tournament management code(testing, but live @ and have already quite shyed away and scared myself at the thought of trying to connect any two databases, so direction at all would be great.

    Here’s what the tournament management _config.php file consists of:




    //This is the new config file, almost all settings have been moved to the database.

    //You no longer need to edit this file,

    //unless the installer is not able to edit this file because of permissions.

    //Just run the installer at /install/install.php

    //Database server connection settings

    $database = ‘mysql’;

    $database = ‘apltest’;

    $database = ‘?????????????????’;

    $database = ‘apltest’;

    $database = ‘’;

    //Do not change strict_mode, unless you know what you are doing

    $database = -1;



    ^ There is no table specification!? wtf, but that’s not how you link databases, by giving them the same table prefix, right? But does it have to do with the table(s)?(I’d think so, but that’s all I can fathom)


    Here is the link to the site which gave me the tournament management code, “Autonomous LAN Party”:


    Any hint at making that relationship would be most excellent.

    Thank you for your time and input.




    If your _config.php does not have a table prefix specified, that means it’s hard coded in the software, or there is none. (oscommerce is like that: no table prefix.) Can you look at the database with something like phpMyAdmin and see if there are tables with no prefix, or if there are some for this software all with the same prefix?

    So I logged into phpMyAdmin and did not see anything that looked like table prefixes, but I’m new to this. I saw two databases and this is what one of their structures looked like:

    Table Action Records1 Type Collation Size Overhead

    benchmarks 6 MyISAM utf8_general_ci 2.3 KiB –


    All I need to do is make it so that users don’t have to create two accounts to access the Tournaments section of the site.



    Can you take a screenshot of the listing of tables in the two databases, or at least the database you want to integrate with?

    Here are two links to the whole apltest database(2.jpg starts off down the table list where 1.jpg left off):

    chrishajer, are you aware of the code in bbPress which takes the _wp table(required upon WordPress and bbPress integration) and somehow uses it in integration? If so, that might be a solution.

    I found a a program which takes two MySql tables and makes a table consisting of those two tables contents. Here it’s description:

    MySQL Join Two Tables Software 7.0 – Download

    Combine (horizontally) two MySQL tables into one based on a common column of data from each table. The original two tables are not altered but a new table is created with the results.

    Download here. Secure-order personal license for product here.

    Check out other software at


    I don’t think this will work however because of the multiple references to wp_users, and bb_users.

    I just thought of something, would it work if I changed apltest’s users table to be called wp_users(or bb_users)(along with changes all references to the users table in the APL code to wp_users)?

    Thanks for your input.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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