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Re: Integrate a memberlist by default

And I think you are missing the people who will say “oh, we need a plugin for just that! I can’t imagine the others! “

I have already twenty plugins activated, some of which, as memberlist, which does not change of code (or very little) and they can be integrated safely by default.

In place of a plugin, a checkbox in the options natives would be better, no?

As WordPress 2.7 perhaps we should integrate the most simple and the most popular plugins by default, no?

I thought about it to ensure the development of bbPress and enable it to compete with others. And if there is more interested users = more visitors for the sites of the plugins creators on their “donate” link lol: p

Please, think at the question^ ^ or create a “plugin integration poll” :p

Bug fixes are good. New features, too. :)

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