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Re: Installation Complete…BUT…Forum “Page Not Found”



I’ve been working with Brad to help resolve this. We’ve finally made some progress.

1. We needed to use the iis_fix plugin from _ck_. Otherwise, any page other than the first page just gets stuck in a reloading loop. Installing this plugin, as an autoload plugin or manually activated plugin, takes care of that problem.

2. When the index.php file is renamed to default.php, the site works fine. When it’s left named index.php, the forum comes up as a 404 error for the front page of the forum only. You can access other pages directly, by adding to the URL. But if you try to load or you get a 404 error. If you rename index.php to default.php, loads the front page of the forum just fine.

GoDaddy serves the DirectoryIndex file in this order:

So renaming index.php to default.php (or even leaving index.php there and just copying it to a file called default.php) works just fine.

I also found, with the plugin installed, and this line commented out in index.php, that index.php works fine, and the forums will also load fine when accessed at .

/* bb_repermalink(); */

So long as that function is not called in the index.php, index.php works just fine on this server.

So, here are the questions:

1. will bbPress work OK without an index.php and just a default.php being the DirectoryIndex file? (it seems to be fine)

2. can the bb_repermalink(); line be commented out in index.php if the site is not using permalinks? Would commenting it out affect anything else negatively?

3. What does that function do that would cause the index.php file to come up as a 404 when it’s clearly there? It’s almost like it’s trying to load index.php, index.php says “rewrite the URL to {something else}” then it fails to find index.php.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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