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Re: Installation…?


Thanks for the reply. I went back to my wp-config file to compare the two. And here is my problem. wp-config is a nice orderly formatted file. everything is laid out nice and neatly and I can see what it is requesting from me.

the bb config.php file is one long run-on sentence. It was very difficult to understand what I needed to change, and what I did not need to change.

So I compared the 2 files, and got through the installation. But the forum has no stylesheet associated with it? Check it out at:

I assumed that it would be seemlessly integrated with the style of my WP site. Maybe I do not have the config.php setup correctly? And more importantly, the forum and topic links seem to be invalid.

Any further advice would be great. You have really got me going in the right direction now.

Let me know what you think.

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