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  • Hi guys. Trying to install bbPress along with my current WordPress 2.3 installation.

    WordPress was a snap! I had that sucker done in about 5 minutes.

    bbPress is a different animal. my install.php page says “Cannot select DB”.

    Is there a comprehensive Install doc that I am missing? I feel as if I have a lot of questions about the info on the page

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • I don’t know if this is helpful, but I have installed bbPress in its own subdirectory /public_html/bbpress/ whereas all WP elements are installed in the /public_html/ directory.

    I noticed that both WP and bbP had a config.php file, so I figured they could not coexsist in the same directory.

    I hope this helps.



    WordPress uses wp-config.php and bbPress uses config.php (although I thought there was talk of prepending bb_ to some files, including that one.)

    Anyway, having it in a subdirectory as you do is perfect. If you cannot select the database, then something is wrong in your config.php. The connection details should be the exact same ones as in wp-config.php. Are they? The table prefix should be different in bbPress config.php and can be left as bb_. The table prefix in WordPress wp-config.php might be wp_.

    Is there more to the error message? There has been some other trouble recently but it gives a different error message.


    Thanks for the reply. I went back to my wp-config file to compare the two. And here is my problem. wp-config is a nice orderly formatted file. everything is laid out nice and neatly and I can see what it is requesting from me.

    the bb config.php file is one long run-on sentence. It was very difficult to understand what I needed to change, and what I did not need to change.

    So I compared the 2 files, and got through the installation. But the forum has no stylesheet associated with it? Check it out at:

    I assumed that it would be seemlessly integrated with the style of my WP site. Maybe I do not have the config.php setup correctly? And more importantly, the forum and topic links seem to be invalid.

    Any further advice would be great. You have really got me going in the right direction now.

    Let me know what you think.

    Even the link to is invalid. I must have the config file setup wrong?

    The reason the theme isn’t there is that you installed it to /bbpress/ when you told it it was installed in /forums/. Unless you want to mess with rewrite rules, move your bbpress install into a subdirectory called /forums/ and things should pop into place.

    Thanks! That got me past one obstacle.

    Please go to my forum and tell me what I have wrong. None of the links go anywhere.

    I think it is a config.php problem:



    In your config.php, you have to set mod_rewrite to false (not true or slugs):

    $bb->mod_rewrite = false;

    Your server does not support pretty permalinks, at least not as it’s configured now. You can figure that part out later (if you’re on godaddy, it might never work.) But for now, to get a working forum, change mod_rewrite to false and your links will work.



    > I assumed that it would be seemlessly integrated with the

    > style of my WP site.

    It does not work that way. Integration is for logins and function only. To get the look and feel, you need to do some work on your bbPress CSS.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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