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Re: important notice about bbPress 1.0 and _ck_ plugins



Essentially any plugin that relies on specific paths,

ie. if you see REQUEST_URI in the plugin, it is likely to have compatibility problems – also anything that refers to specific filenames in the bbpress root, bb-post.php, topic.php etc.

Some things may simply break because of redirects to specific paths or filenames that no longer exist.

I’ll post more things to look for as I think of them, however I can’t completely predict how Sam will change things. He needs the freedom to change whatever he needs to change to make progress (and keep performance reasonable) so I have to wait until he is done.

Most of the plugins with problems should be fairly straightforward to fix, but the bigger problem I have to deal with is maintaining compatibility with 0.8 + 0.9 + early 1.0 alpha and then 1.0 alpha 7 and beyond. I don’t like maintaining multiple versions of a plugin to solve this because it’s tedious to apply bug fixes across them.

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