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important notice about bbPress 1.0 and _ck_ plugins

  • _ck_


    This is a very important notice to those who insist on running the newest 1.0

    The bbPress 1.0 breaks several of my plugins and possibly others due many internal changes.

    Please note, I have *zero* interest and absolutely no sense of urgency in rushing to fix my plugins just because some want to run 1.0 on a live site. It may be weeks (or even months) to find and fix the problems that are created by these changes to bbPress.

    So there will be two options, don’t upgrade to 1.0 or don’t use my plugins with 1.0, until there is ample time for me to make the required changes.

    Not trying to be mean or unfair, I just don’t have the endless hours required to constantly patch things with every change. I have to wait until things settle.

    Oh and last but not least, this is not a statement against the changes to bbPress. It’s actually important for the future of bbPress and will be the result of much hard work by Sam – it’s just an unfortunate step in the evolution of bbPress that breaks some backwards compatibility.

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  • Thanks a lot for the info _ck_. I run alpha 6 in a production forum and several communities that work with Buddypress and this advice is really important

    Thank you! I’ll hold up on 1.0-a6 for now :) Any idea which plugins will bomb? I know you made a million and a half of ’em, but I’m curious to know which ones you know will break, which ones you think will break, and such.

    Understood, and thanks for the warning. Perhaps we can use this thread to identify which ones break.



    Essentially any plugin that relies on specific paths,

    ie. if you see REQUEST_URI in the plugin, it is likely to have compatibility problems – also anything that refers to specific filenames in the bbpress root, bb-post.php, topic.php etc.

    Some things may simply break because of redirects to specific paths or filenames that no longer exist.

    I’ll post more things to look for as I think of them, however I can’t completely predict how Sam will change things. He needs the freedom to change whatever he needs to change to make progress (and keep performance reasonable) so I have to wait until he is done.

    Most of the plugins with problems should be fairly straightforward to fix, but the bigger problem I have to deal with is maintaining compatibility with 0.8 + 0.9 + early 1.0 alpha and then 1.0 alpha 7 and beyond. I don’t like maintaining multiple versions of a plugin to solve this because it’s tedious to apply bug fixes across them.

    Thanks for the headsup ck! Pretty glad with what I can do in alpha 1.06 so I personally don’t need any immediate change. :)

    Take all the time you need for my part.



    Just an addition that there apparently are some subtle problem with some of my plugins even on 1.0a6

    I intend to try to fix things up to at least 1.0a6 but any bug particular to an alpha is low priority.

    Well, for what it’s worth it doesn’t look like I’ll be changing any filenames. The main difference that is coming is the ability to change the directory names, e.g…

    Can potentially be…

    Or some other langauge. Also there are going to be a few additional permalink styles like…

    And I’m experimenting with URL driven intersections, so…

    …might be something we see in the future.

    The newer styles are very hard to detect with existing functions which are available to plugin devs, but I am trying to supply the tools required for easy detection and interaction with the new setup.

    The main difference that is coming is the ability to change the directory names, e.g…

    Can potentially be…

    It would be nice if the /forum/ could be totally removed :)

    John James Jacoby


    It would be nice if the /forum/ could be totally removed :)

    …and to be given the option to be changed to be the name of the forum you are viewing when viewing a topic, similar to WordPress…

    That sounds like very good news!

    Always found the a bit wicked :)



    I thought I read in these forums that the problem with eliminating “forum” or “topic” from the URI would make it hard for bbPress to know if you are talking about a slug or a forum. I can’t find that reply now though. I though the comment was from _ck_.

    The “” type chaining is not on the cards, nor is completely removing “forum” or “topic” identifiers.

    If anything, I think it dilutes SEO value to shove the forum slug into every single topic and it also causes problems for permalinks if the topic is moved between forums. Not to mention the fact that it can make topic URLs quite long.

    Those two plugins that chrishajer has linked to will probably be incompatible with 1.0 alpha 7.

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