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Re: I’m installed But Get 404 Not Found


So, first of all, thank you for all of your help.

I guess what I was doing wrong was creating a sub-directory called “forum” and then uploading the bbpress folder into that. I think that changed the address when it tried to access the files. For instance, rather than being it ended up being My guess is it couldn’t find it.

So, what I did was, and I’m sure everyone reading this is thinking “Duh” was to create a sub-directory named forum so the address would be and then upload the bbpress “files” not the folder their housed in. Worked like a charm and even the sign-in page for step 1 looked like a WP sign-in sheet.

Thanks again for you help. I’m done for the night, but I’m sure I’ll be back soon as I try to set this thing up. Have a great night.

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