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I’m installed But Get 404 Not Found

  • Hi,

    I just finished installing and now, when I click on say the first post I get a 404 Not Found the requested url http:// was not found on this server.

    I have mod_rewrite set to false and, oh, because I’m hosted by Yahoo, I’m not allowed to have a .htaccess file.

    any ideas?

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  • Could I have entered the path wrong in the config file?

    I have and in the forums sub-directory I installed bbPress.

    Should it have been



    A URL to your site would help with some of these problems.

    If your website is at, whatever folder beneath that level where you installed bbPress is the URL you should list in your config. So if you installed it in /forums/bbpress then yes, that is that is what would be in your config.

    Normally, you would use a subfolder right inside your website root folder. So, when you unzip bbPress, it creates a bbpress folder. You can rename that to forums if you want to access your site at – if you put that bbpress folder inside the forums folder, then the URL is going to be .



    Hmmm – can you post a URL where this is visible? I can’t imagine why there would be no URL after the http:// in the 404 message (unless you edited that out so the world would not see it.)

    Well, guess what? I just went and deleted all of the bbpress database tables and deleted the forums sub-directory.

    I’m going to do a fresh install. I think I should have installed bbPress inside the WP subdirectory and I think you and I have discussed this before.

    But, I’m an idiot today I guess. So, if you don’t mind, this time when I install I should ftp bbPress to wordpress correct? WP is the main page (top level domain).

    So the url would be what?

    Or, am I totally off base here. Once again, I’m hosted by Yahoo and cannot make a .htaccess file and I will leave my mod_rewrite = false if that makes a difference.

    BTW, I’m not going to register users on the main site, so there’s no need to integrate WP with bbPress.




    Whatever file your wp-config.php is in is where you normally want your bbpress folder. That would give you one of two things: (where this is actually WordPress for your site) (bbPress forum)

    OR (website) (WordPress blog) (bbPress forum)

    Lots of people use WordPress alone for their website. If you are using it for your site, and your site is at, and you want bbpress in a folder called bbpress, then drop the bbpress folder into the root folder for your site (wherever wp-config.php is.)

    IF you don’t need integration, and you have a website, a blog (WordPress) and want a forum (bbPress) just put the bbpress folder at the same level as the wordpress folder. So you would have this:

    If you are not concerned with integration, and you have a website AND a WordPress install, then I would do the option directly above (with bbpress and wordpress directories at the same level.)

    Hope that makes sense.


    So, first of all, thank you for all of your help.

    I guess what I was doing wrong was creating a sub-directory called “forum” and then uploading the bbpress folder into that. I think that changed the address when it tried to access the files. For instance, rather than being it ended up being My guess is it couldn’t find it.

    So, what I did was, and I’m sure everyone reading this is thinking “Duh” was to create a sub-directory named forum so the address would be and then upload the bbpress “files” not the folder their housed in. Worked like a charm and even the sign-in page for step 1 looked like a WP sign-in sheet.

    Thanks again for you help. I’m done for the night, but I’m sure I’ll be back soon as I try to set this thing up. Have a great night.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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