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Re: I’m installed But Get 404 Not Found



Whatever file your wp-config.php is in is where you normally want your bbpress folder. That would give you one of two things: (where this is actually WordPress for your site) (bbPress forum)

OR (website) (WordPress blog) (bbPress forum)

Lots of people use WordPress alone for their website. If you are using it for your site, and your site is at, and you want bbpress in a folder called bbpress, then drop the bbpress folder into the root folder for your site (wherever wp-config.php is.)

IF you don’t need integration, and you have a website, a blog (WordPress) and want a forum (bbPress) just put the bbpress folder at the same level as the wordpress folder. So you would have this:

If you are not concerned with integration, and you have a website AND a WordPress install, then I would do the option directly above (with bbpress and wordpress directories at the same level.)

Hope that makes sense.

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