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Re: I’m installed But Get 404 Not Found

Well, guess what? I just went and deleted all of the bbpress database tables and deleted the forums sub-directory.

I’m going to do a fresh install. I think I should have installed bbPress inside the WP subdirectory and I think you and I have discussed this before.

But, I’m an idiot today I guess. So, if you don’t mind, this time when I install I should ftp bbPress to wordpress correct? WP is the main page (top level domain).

So the url would be what?

Or, am I totally off base here. Once again, I’m hosted by Yahoo and cannot make a .htaccess file and I will leave my mod_rewrite = false if that makes a difference.

BTW, I’m not going to register users on the main site, so there’s no need to integrate WP with bbPress.


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