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Re: IE Display Problem



I think I found why mine is different. in bb-templates/header.php, the body tag looks like this when installed:

<body id="<?php bb_location(); ?>">

I modified mine at some point to add some javascript onload stuff, and when I removed that, I removed the id tag altogether (inadvertently.)

so, my body tag now is just <body> and all my pages look the same (index.php, forum.php, etc.)

I think that was a side effect of playing with the header template, but the tags are across the top instead of down the left side. When I reinsert that bb_location, my display is messed up in IE6 too. Now, to just clear that div and make it work in IE. Then I can put that back to normal. I guess the answer to my question then is that the hot tags are supposed to be down the left side in a 150px wide div.

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