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Re: i wana convert my phpbb 3.0.5 forum to bbpress 0.9.5

onel0ve, I converted a phpbb2 forum to bbpress 1.0a6 awhile back and it was quite a bit of work. You’ll need to export the entire db, then figure out which forum/topic/post ids correlate between phpbb3 and bbpress. The easiest way I found to rebuild the db in bbpress is to write some regexes that take the exported phpbb3 forum data and format it into correct sql statements to preserve the old id associations between posts/topics etc. Of course, phpbb3 and bbpress 0.9.5 are probably totally different from phpbb2 and bbpress1.0 in terms of db table format, but I remember having to combine data from several phpbb2 tables into single bbpress tables to accomplish the task. Make sure you have a test environment to build the new bbpress db on as you’ll probably need to give it a few tries and test out a few things before attempting to rebuild the entire thing.

Unless you own your server, you’ll also want to be sure to do the actual regexing (if you decide to run it in a php script for example) on your own computer (XAMPP or LAMP), because if your forums are large, that is quite a load on the server to run the regex routines that format your sql insert statements (and your hosts may not be too happy about that). I also ended up having to split up my data into several files to get it to work with a php regex.

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