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Re: I Need Your Help In Creating This Plugin

A day later and I managed to somewhat temperamentally find a work around. I now have a new problem and figured it wasn’t worth creating a new topic for this.

I requested, and had approved, a request to have my plugin hosted with Other than an initial import call I’m locked out of the svn for my plugin:

Whenever I try to delete or upload a file I get:

Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to CHECKOUT

request for ‘/!svn/ver/1629/adsense-for-bbpress’

A quick Google tells me that “my profile wasn’t in the repository’s list of allowed users. Talk to the admin of the repository to see if you have rights (check the repo’s .conf file)” (from

If someone with svn access could confirm or clarify where I go from here I’d appreciate it.


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