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I Need Your Help In Creating This Plugin

  • I’ve started coding my first bbPress plugin and I’m now pretty familiar with most of the actions and filters and some of the inner workings of bbPress but I’m stuck.

    The idea of my plugin is to insert AdSense code block in every topic at post X where X is either random or defined by the admin. I’ve been messing around with the post_text filter which allows me to change the text of any given post and insert an AdSense block. I can mess around with the author name and stuff too. The problem is that by doing this I replace the current post with the AdSense block instead of simply inserting it before or after the post, thus the post I replace isn’t visible.

    To get around this I tried to first display the AdSense post then include the post.php file in the currently selected theme. But this crashes, I think due to an infinite loop. I then noticed the pre_post filter which looked promising but I couldn’t find where it’s defined or how it’s used.

    In short, I need an alternative approach or solution to create a custom (and theme-independent) post.

    My code, so far, is visible here:


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  • A day later and I managed to somewhat temperamentally find a work around. I now have a new problem and figured it wasn’t worth creating a new topic for this.

    I requested, and had approved, a request to have my plugin hosted with Other than an initial import call I’m locked out of the svn for my plugin:

    Whenever I try to delete or upload a file I get:

    Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to CHECKOUT

    request for ‘/!svn/ver/1629/adsense-for-bbpress’

    A quick Google tells me that “my profile wasn’t in the repository’s list of allowed users. Talk to the admin of the repository to see if you have rights (check the repo’s .conf file)” (from

    If someone with svn access could confirm or clarify where I go from here I’d appreciate it.


    Ben L.


    You need to have the capitalization of your username correct.

    That’s what caught me, at least.

    Cheers Nightgunner, it seems obvious now but that was indeed the problem. With your help AdSense for bbPress is now available at

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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