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Re: How to Remove Deleted Posts and Bozo Posts from Database?

@_ck_: That would be awesome!

@johnhiler: Thanks for your insights. Before this thread I was not sure if I my theme’s moderation system was simply not working right…looks like it is! My only major beef with bbPress is moderation interface.

1) Don’t like that you can’t permanently delete a post. (Let’s say there is a duplicate…it is pointless for the duplicate to remain in the system, want it deleted completely so I don’t confuse myself when I see it on the “Recently Moderated Items” of the dashboard!)

2) Anyone else have problems where bbPress flags a new poster (maybe they use naughty stuff in their name or profile descriptions) and makes them a bozo but you unfortunately don’t notice that bbPress flagged them for a couple days? Wish there was a better notification system for this (no one wants to lose potential users who are frustrated by their material not showing up)

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