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How to Remove Deleted Posts and Bozo Posts from Database?

  • It looks like my bb_posts table is growing out of control in size. As I was browsing I noticed most of the posts in it are spam/bozo/deleted posts that do not actually even show up on the forum. It looks like bbpress is really good at moderating spam and blocking bozo posts, but how do I delete all those posts from my bb_posts table?

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  • There’s no official support for this… but someone wrote a script a while ago to unofficially pull this off for 1.0:

    I haven’t tested it though and it hasn’t been packaged as a plugin. If you try it out, definitely backup your database first – and test carefully!

    Thanks for help. I’m using bbpress any idea if this script works with that? I guess I can always do a backup and try it anyways.

    I think the script is one of those rare ones that works only with 1.0.

    There’s no official support for permanent deletion of posts, but it’s a fairly often requested feature:

    The only clean solution for now is to do it through phpMyAdmin?

    Just curious, why aren’t deleted posts permanently removed from the database?

    Does WordPress permanently remove posts one deletes from the database?

    @grassrootspa – I’m not sure why they did it that way… I guess so that you could restore the post if you wanted. WordPress doesn’t have a comments trash – if you delete a comment, the comment is gone. I think blog posts work the same way too.

    So I guess the two systems work somewhat differently? That’s not the only difference either – WordPress also has a “moderated comments” layer in addition to the Akismet Spam layer, but bbPress only has the Akismet Spam layer. Dunno why bbPress doesn’t have a moderated layer either… maybe because bbPress doesn’t (yet) easily enable anonymous comments, so spam isn’t as huge a problem as it is in WordPress.



    I suspect the akismet plugin will eventually have a permanently delete feature like it does for WordPress.

    If you have that much spam on your forums you have a bigger problem in that so many spammers are able to register so easily.

    I can probably put a real delete button into Mass Edit

    @_ck_: That would be awesome!

    @johnhiler: Thanks for your insights. Before this thread I was not sure if I my theme’s moderation system was simply not working right…looks like it is! My only major beef with bbPress is moderation interface.

    1) Don’t like that you can’t permanently delete a post. (Let’s say there is a duplicate…it is pointless for the duplicate to remain in the system, want it deleted completely so I don’t confuse myself when I see it on the “Recently Moderated Items” of the dashboard!)

    2) Anyone else have problems where bbPress flags a new poster (maybe they use naughty stuff in their name or profile descriptions) and makes them a bozo but you unfortunately don’t notice that bbPress flagged them for a couple days? Wish there was a better notification system for this (no one wants to lose potential users who are frustrated by their material not showing up)

    The Bozo feature has a lot of problems and bugs, as far as I can tell…

    I completely deactivated it, after having a few users affected in just the way you described!

    OMG, it must be frustrating to be mistaken as a BOZO.

    Yah, you can see some of the emotional responses in past threads:

    It happened to one of my top contributors, and she almost quit before I finally figured out what was going on! Thankfully it’s just a plugin, so you can turn it off. (It’s a little scary, but more and more stuff like this is ending up in core – so bugs like this will be a lot harder to resolve, imo!)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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