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Re: How To Make WordPress Integration a LOT Easier

Sam Bauers


If only it were that simple.

There are more variables than just the URL, the solution you describe only covers the simplest integration scenarios.

We are only starting to bring integration out into a more user friendly space, so there a bound to be a few things which need to be re-addressed based on user experience, but a certain amount of an integration setup is always going to be manual.

I appreciate far-reaching and big ideas, but right now I think we need more of an idea of what is a problem with what we have now. If it isn’t simple yet, then let’s fix and tune what we have. At the moment we need to remain realistic about how much we can achieve in this area. There has been a considerable amount of time spent to achieve the current solution and with limited community resources we simply don’t have time to devote to a complete rewrite (of something that was just completely rewritten).

I did consider your suggestion as a possibility when I started to bring integration into the install process, but the amount of time I would have spent writing routines to detect exceptional cases could not have justified the perceived benefit. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your input, but I would have liked that sort of input when I started rebuilding the installer (a process which was publicised in the dev channels) and perhaps a hand to make it a reality at the same time.

I hope I don’t sound too defensive by the way. I honestly like to hear feedback, I just want to give you an honest response and reasoning behind the decisions that were made with regards to the new installer.

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