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Re: How long?

thanks for the reply guys…

I really like this Version 1 and I done some theme work on this as well… thats Why I was & I am waiting for the Version 1 to be released…

Most of the plug-ins DO work with V1 alpha so far (at-least the once i want).. anyway… Let me wait for may be another month (till Mid Feb) or i will go with 0.9.x

PS: I;m Looking to start a New forum and I’m already using the Latest WordPress. I want this forum to be Integrated so that From specified Forum i can list the topics in WordPress site as well.. sort of merging wordpress into bbPress (My Idea is to keep one Forum hidden only can accessed by Mods & Admins who can post Topics and it will be Listed in the wordpress front end… sort of!)..

Thanks again for the replies…

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