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Re: How do i/Can i Integrate my bbPress forum into my WordPress layout..?

ok that avatar thing is an other concern. I think you should ask that question in the comments of the plugin itself or the plugin homepage or an extra topic in the plugins support forums.

To the theme thing.

Yes it’s my theme. I forgot to say: the navigation thing i mentioned is only usefull, when you use a self-made navigation like i do. If you use the wordpress sidebar to navigate through your site, you should use also the sidebar to link to your forums. E.g. you can do the following:

Go to you widget options in wp-admin, add a text-widget to you sidebar and write something like:

Visit my Forums

in the widget. Save and you’ll get a forum link in you sidebar.

I don’t know how to display the hole wp-sidebar in bbpress. I think thats a little bit more difficult. But you could write in your bbpress theme a link above the forums itself that links back to you wordpress.

In my opinion the easiest way to “integrate” the themes is, to use a self-made navigation.

Many wordpress themes use self-made navigations also.

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