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How do i/Can i Integrate my bbPress forum into my WordPress layout..?

  • The title might get you a little it confused. What i was trying to say was; how do i integrate my entire wordpress forum into my wordpress theme… i made an example image below :)

    (forgot to add the footer on the image..)

    So is there any way to do this? I noticed there is a “WordPress Integration” thing in the settings, but thats not what i’m looking for, right? That will just “transfer” members right?

    I had some trouble with installing bbpress before, i couldn’t login as admin. I played around a bit with it and then i found out that i had to change the settings in “bb-config-sample.php”. I’ts a really good forum, i like it.



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  • hi

    of course it is. But not the way you think. You have to work around a little. I’ll explain:


    fully integrated with a navigation that links to my wordpress sites.


    This is not the wordpress theme! Maybe you can see a little difference in my head-picture between the forums page and the others.

    You have to copy/recreate your wordpress theme in bbpress. bbpress uses the same theme system than wordpress. so you do a theme for bbpress that looks exactly like the wp ones. you also use the same navigation. Then i looks fully integrated like my bbpress. But it isnt really THAT integrated. it does the job…

    and if you e.g. want to change a navigation menu or something other in you theme, you have to do it in BOTH! WP and bbPress theme.

    hope you can figure it out now


    So there is no way at all to make a plugin or something do it for you? That’s bad, but i’ll have to try :)

    How do i do with the menu? I can’t link the menu to another page in wordpress. I can only link to pages in wordpress… how do i link it to the forum page, which doesn’t belong to wordpress..?

    I must say you’ve (if its yours) done a very good job with your theme, and no i can’t see any difference between your blog and your forum, exept that the forum is moved like 5 more px to the left. Awesome job!


    Oh and i almost forgot. Do you know how to get the avatar uploader plugin to work? I can install it, but when i upload an image the image isn’t displayed. No matter which browser i use. I’ve tried to CMOD the “avatars” folder to both 666 and 777, but it still doesn’t work. And all the files are where they should be.

    And is it possible to transfer avatar images from bbPress to WordPress, if so, how?

    Any ideas? :(

    ok that avatar thing is an other concern. I think you should ask that question in the comments of the plugin itself or the plugin homepage or an extra topic in the plugins support forums.

    To the theme thing.

    Yes it’s my theme. I forgot to say: the navigation thing i mentioned is only usefull, when you use a self-made navigation like i do. If you use the wordpress sidebar to navigate through your site, you should use also the sidebar to link to your forums. E.g. you can do the following:

    Go to you widget options in wp-admin, add a text-widget to you sidebar and write something like:

    Visit my Forums

    in the widget. Save and you’ll get a forum link in you sidebar.

    I don’t know how to display the hole wp-sidebar in bbpress. I think thats a little bit more difficult. But you could write in your bbpress theme a link above the forums itself that links back to you wordpress.

    In my opinion the easiest way to “integrate” the themes is, to use a self-made navigation.

    Many wordpress themes use self-made navigations also.

    sorry… the widget link thing sould be something like:

    <a href="" target="_self">Visit my forums</a>

    Alright. Thanks a lot for your help :) I started working on it yesterday, it might actually work.

    And on the bbpress forum, i will have the forum categories in the sidebar, and then just a list of all the topics. So i don’t think that’ll be a prob :)

    Oh and i like the way your sidebar works, how it changes all the time. Pretty cool.

    Thanks again :)



    I integrated my site the other day. Here’s a few things that helped me when developing my bbPress theme.

    1. Point its CSS to the corresponding WP themes CSS so that there’s a common stylesheet between them. For example:

    2. Do the same thing with images. For example in your bbPress theme use

    3. As mentioned above you will need to duplicate content from WP theme. I find that if I cram everything before the forum content into header.php and everything after into footer.php it clears up the rest of the bbPress templates for me to modify as I wish.

    Hope this helps.

    You can see what I did for my site here: and



    I have a link to my forum in my global nav by creating an empty page with a slug that is the same as the directory name as where I have bbpress installed.

    But I also load the wp-load.php file in my bb-config.php file

    define('WP_BB', true);
    if ( !defined('DB_NAME') ) {
    require_once( dirname(__FILE__) . '/../wordpress/wp-config.php');
    $bb->wp_table_prefix = 'wp_'; // your wordpress db prefix is
    $bb->wp_home = '';
    $bb->wp_siteurl = '';

    Then I went into my bbpress theme and changed every instance of bb_get_header() with get_header(), and bb_get_footer() with get_footer().

    Since I want to have my wordpress sidebars show up in the forum, too, I also added get_sidebar() right above the call to get_footer().

    I could also add other sidebars, too – the theme I use adds two columns below the main content area and uses the dynamic sidebar functionality to add them in to each page. I could see how adding other or more sidebars and going in to the templates could be really useful

    I thought I had read they are working to make them integrate, navigation wise, does anyone know if this is a current priority or something that will occur further down the road?

    At least they both use the same theme layout. This should make the process easier (easy is relative). I would love to be able to use a single theme and have it applied to my forum.



    I did essentially add in the bbpress custom css to my wp theme’s css, too, so that they would really mesh up better, as well.

    @tiptaptip you forums is smf not bbpress



    You can also use this tutorial and the template: It will call the header and footer from wordpress, but you will still need to tweak it a little and and the sidebar call if you want it.

    Thanks Josh



    This method is supported by bbPress 1.0 and WordPress 2.8?

    It is to some extent. It’s called “deep integration” and it seems to work for some people, but not for others.



    It works great if you’re running your forums as a sub-directory of your WP install, but it breaks as is if you’re trying to run your forums under a sub-domain.

    Anybody who happens to know a work-around, feel free to check out:

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